Thursday, September 23, 2010

dude really

was just messing around thought it would be kind of cool to do a toon, with no words, you as the viewer make up in your mind what the characters are talking is the rough.


p.s it hard getting back on the horse after six months of no never do this again


Ryan Hagen said...

Get back on the horse is better than never getting on at all. Keep it up Jason!!!! Here's my first thoughts.:)

Panel 1: Did you fart?

Panel 2: Sorry about that, had burrito's for lunch.

Panel 3: *Pffftttthbbbbbbblublublub weeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEp*

Panel 4: Nice.

michael valiquette said...

nice to see you posting again, keep it up!


-Good to see you back, I'm guilty of the same thing for just 3 months, NEVER again is right...

Jason McArthur said...

nice one ryan, i like it..
Mike yeah man I will keep posting at least once a week..

Albert.. Never again,